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Privacy Policy

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App Privacy Policy

The mobile application ("app") 'My Clock Lessons' created by Joseph Cermak (the "author") is intended for use by children under adult supervision.  There is no requirement to provide any information to the author of the app.  Additionally, no data are collected regarding the user (or supervisor) of the app nor are any data collected regarding the device used.  

The app does not include:

- any behavioral advertising, contextual ads, or any other type of advertising aimed at children or anyone else

- any links to external sources of content or commerce

- any in-app purchase functionality

- any connectivity to social media 

Data collected within the app contain no person-specific information (such as name, age, birthday, etc.) and are not automatically transmitted to the author nor to any third party.  The nature of the data is limited to performance on the tasks within the app and such data are intended for review by adults who directly supervise children with the use of the app. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes to this Privacy Policy could occur at any time.  If you have any questions regarding privacy issues contact the author here.